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For 21 years, Ernie Vorpahl, CFP® has specialized in helping business owners and busy professionals maximize their wealth and efficiently pass it on to their heirs.

He became a member of The East End Financial Group in 1998 and manages the firm’s East Hampton office.  Ernie has a B.A in Business & Economics from Lafayette College. He is also a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (TM) with the CFP Board of Standards and member of the Long Island Chapter of the Financial Planning Association.

Ernie’s Services include comprehensive financial planning and wealth management:

  • Professional investment management.

  • Simplified financial plans broken down to a few pages/bullet points

  • Retirement Planning

  • Retirement Plan design, implementation, and administration

  • A Fiduciary working with clients best interests, not clouded by wirehouse conflicts of interest

  • Facilitating generational wealth transfer between families

  • Liquidity events (selling a house or business)

  • As a 19-year volunteer firefighter, Ernie has experience managing district, LOSAP and Benevolent funds.

Ernie is supported by a firm with a 30-year history on eastern Long Island and a team of research and support staff.

My Story (…and Who I Help)

Simplicity => I take this complex financial world and make it simple so you can do what you do best…concentrate on growing your career or business.

You have the proverbial “financial junk draw” of past investments, annuities, insurance policies and/or high discretionary income and are not sure if you’re in the correct strategies.

You really don’t truly understand what you’ve invested in and if they are moving you closer to your goals.

You don’t feel 100% confident about your financial future and want an expert to provide clarity to your financial situation.

I design a roadmap for clients, professionally manage their assets and guide them in important financial decisions along the way.  I bring your CPA, tax attorney, insurance consultant together… to make cohesive decisions on your financial life.

Note: 2-4 week lead time for initial interview meetings. 

CRD#: 2717578